Oak Bark

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    Amber and Steel Hooks Hair Gloss

    With a touch of oak bark and bourbon vanilla.

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  • Druids Cutting the Mistletoe on the Sixth Day of the Moon

    Druids Cutting Mistletoe on the Sixth Day of the Moon Perfume Oil

    Henri Paul Motte

    Burdock root, mugwort, birch sap, oak bark, watermint, ash leaves, wych elm, hazel nuts, juniper boughs, black poplar, yew, and dew-laden mistletoe berries.

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  • Lizardfolk Park Ranger Perfume Oil

    The scent of ancient trees, vast shadowed canyons, rocky snow-tipped peaks, and rushing rivers, with notes of pine needle, oak bark, sweet birch, stream-polished stones, lichen, dark mosses, nootka, hazelnut, rivulets of amber, and blackcurrant bud.

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  • Morning Sunlight on the Snow, Èragny-sur-epte Perfume Oil

    Camille Pissarro

    Umber sandalwood, brown amber, chestnut, dead leaves, and oak bark beneath a dusting of snow.

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  • oak moon

    Oak Moon 2023 Perfume Oil

    The century oak, rugged and gaunt,
    Holds high to-day, as he was wont
    A hundred years ago, his head,
    Hoary with snows that have vanished,
    Defiant and grim to the wind’s wild taunt.
    The hooting owl finds here a haunt,
    And feathered choristers now chaunt
    As when the century’s dawn made red
    The century oak.


    No season’s coil his heart can daunt;
    Processive years their changes vaunt,
    But, constant till the line have fled
    And mouldered in oblivion’s bed,
    He holds his own, rugged and gaunt, –
    The century oak.
    – Harvey Carson Grumbine


    Oak bark, tree sap, wild acorns, and a touch of honey.


    Art by Drew Rausch!

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  • worm moon

    Worm Moon 2024 Perfume Oil

    yoru hisokani

    mushi wa gekka no

    kuri o ugatsu


    in the moonlight

    a worm silently burrows 

    through a chestnut

    – Bashō


    A squiggle of red sandalwood and orris chomping into wild chestnuts, oak bark, and fig.


    Art by Drew Rausch!

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