Orris Butter


    Bringer of Evil Perfume Oil

    In one case a blue butterfly was seen to flutter over a certain farm, and as affairs there had not been going at all well, it was looked upon with dread and suspicion as the bringer of evil. For three weeks the insect hovered about and during that period ‘no butter came.’ Then the farmer decided to take steps to break the enchantment. Armed with a wet towel he sallied forth to chase the alleged familiar and, cleverly flapping his cloth, he brought down the butterfly at a swoop. Precisely at that moment a woman, who was suspected of being a witch, was found lying dead outside the door of her house close by, and after the double event there was no further trouble with the churning.


    A foreboding tremble of poppy leaf, cerulean musk, violet grapefruit, mimosa, orris butter, and benzoin.

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  • From Whose Eyes As They Glance Flowed Love Perfume Oil

    Spun sugar, skin musk, orris butter, pale amber, whipped vanilla, and rose petals.

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  • no longer can i resist

    No Longer Can I Resist Perfume Oil

    Indigo and crimson vegetal musks, sweet red oud, sandalwood incense, narcissus petals, orris butter, golden bergamot, ambrette seed, and black fig.

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  • pleasing two women

    Pleasing Two Women Perfume Oil

    Oakmoss-infused vanilla bourbon, smoked lilac petals, and orris butter.

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  • Roses Pearls and Onyx

    Roses, Pearls, and Onyx Perfume Oil

    Black roses, Pashmina oud, clove bud, opoponax, kyphi smoke, tobacco absolute, and orris butter.

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  • treasure

    Treasure Perfume Oil

    Norman Lindsay
    A mermaid’s delight: pearlescent orris butter, polished coral, lilac-blushed choya nakh, ambergris foam, osmanthus petals, salt-crusted driftwood, honey dust, white grapefruit peel, cerulean musk, golden flecks of sea-speckled amber, and bittersweet mimosa.

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