Oud - Black

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  • Doleful Pipe Organ Perfume Oil

    Discordant, scattered strains of a song, its melody half stolen by time, drift mournfully through the halls, accompanied by the rustle of spectral sheet music.

    A dramatic and doleful scent: black oud and vetiver with burgundy pitch, guiac wood, opoponax, velvet black cacao absolute, and incense smoke.

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  • Dulle Griet Perfume Oil

    David Rychaert III

    Black oud, bay leaf, olibanum, rose smoke, cassis, green cardamom, clove bud, and black sandalwood.

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  • From Sunset to Star Rise Perfume Oil

    Go from me, summer friends, and tarry not:
    I am no summer friend, but wintry cold,
    A silly sheep benighted from the fold,
    A sluggard with a thorn-choked garden plot.
    Take counsel, sever from my lot your lot,
    Dwell in your pleasant places, hoard your gold;
    Lest you with me should shiver on the wold,
    Athirst and hungering on a barren spot.
    For I have hedged me with a thorny hedge,
    I live alone, I look to die alone:
    Yet sometimes, when a wind sighs through the sedge,
    Ghosts of my buried years, and friends come back,
    My heart goes sighing after swallows flown
    On sometime summer’s unreturning track.

    – Christina Rossetti

    Thorn-strangled roses, vetiver, honeysuckle, twilit musk, and black oud.

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  • goblin for chad

    Goblin for Chad Perfume Oil

    Would watch this rom-com! Rumpled brown leather, black oud, balsam of peru, rosewood, blackcurrant, and a splash of aftershave.

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  • Heksenbijeenkomst Perfume Oil

    Frans Francken the Younger

    Black oud and wild plum, tobacco leaf, black amber, opium smoke, and myrrh tar.

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    Pomegranate Smoke Hair Gloss

    A scent for in-between times and in-between spaces: blackened pomegranate, myrrh, opoponax, cypress, black oud, and 9-year aged patchouli.

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    The Empty House Perfume Oil

    See this house, how dark it is
    Beneath its vast-boughed trees!
    Not one trembling leaflet cries
    To that Watcher in the skies-
    ‘Remove, remove thy searching gaze,
    Innocent of heaven’s ways,
    Brood not, Moon, so wildly bright,
    On secrets hidden from sight.’

    ‘Secrets,’ sighs the night-wind,
    ‘Vacancy is all I find;
    Every keyhole I have made
    Wails a summons, faint and sad,
    No voice ever answers me,
    Only vacancy.’
    ‘Once, once …’ the cricket shrills,
    And far and near the quiet fills
    With its tiny voice, and then
    Hush falls again.

    Mute shadows creeping slow
    Mark how the hours go.
    Every stone is mouldering slow.
    And the least winds that blow
    Some minutest atom shake,
    Some fretting ruin make
    In roof and walls. How black it is
    Beneath these thick boughed trees!

    – Walter De La Mare

    Black oud, woodsmoke, mahogany, pine pitch, and blackened pumpkin.

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  • The Witch/Strega Perfume Oil

    The Witch/Strega, Angelo Caroselli, 17th Century
    “Look at this witch’s face! You know she’s going to be a cutting-clever one, uttering snarky-sneaky observations that make you both gasp and splutter with repressed laughter about mutuals you can’t stand. I want to be her Facebook friend. She’d be a scream in a Netflix watch party.”

    Leatherbound tomes and rose cream, flickering flames of twin ambers, and a cascade of shadows: black oud, teakwood, black beeswax, 13-year aged patchouli, cinnabar, balsam, sweet labdanum, tonka bean, and smoke.

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  • Woman as Dragon Perfume Oil

    “The archaic mother – the mother who reproduces without male permission for her own satisfaction – is the least human of the female monsters because she poses the most profound existential threat… The Mother is female bodily self-determination, full-fledged and uncontrollable, out of the ocean and stomping skyscrapers, turning the male world to rubble. She is what happens when the Furies come home.”

    A fiery red musk with crushed ginger root, black upturned soil, dragon’s blood resin, clove bud, pink peppercorn, tobacco absolute, red amber, patchouli, black oud, blood-caked tar, vetiver, and cedar.

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