Poppy Tar

  • For the Love of God, Poetricia Hair Gloss

    For the love of God, Poetricia
    Withdrew from view and doesn’t miss ya
    Isolation suits her fine,
    Her best friend is a cask of wine.

    Dried red fruits, red benzoin, poppy tar, and amontillado.

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  • Masked Vulvas Perfume Oil

    Asian pear, King mandarin, incense smoke, red benzoin, poppy tar, and calligraphy ink.

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  • The Haunted Mill Perfume Oil

    A sad instance of giving way to superstitious fears occurred on Friday last week at Newport. It would appear, from what our reporter has gathered, that a shadow has been cast on an oak fence which runs by the side of a large windmill, representing a death’s head and cross-bones. This shadow was only to be seen occasionally, and a report was current that the mill was haunted, some dreadful crime having been committed within its precincts. On Friday night Robert Pugh and James Owen, two working men, were so alarmed at the appearance of the ghastly shadow that, after a few moments of suspense, they both fled precipitately from the spot. The effect on Pugh was of a most serious nature. His mind has become affected, and the chances are that he will never recover his reason.

    – Illustrated Police News, 17 February 1877

    A quiver of boot leather, a forbidding shadow of patchouli, poppy tar, and oud against a backdrop of worn oak panels.

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