Rose - Black


    Angel With Flaming Sword Perfume Oil

    Edwin Howland Blashfield

    Red musk, black rose, amber, Siamese benzoin, honey musk, mimosa absolute, frankincense, red peppercorn, and choya ral.

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    Fourth Lash Perfume Oil

    Black rose, Baltic amber, leather, white sandalwood, black pepper, and vetiver.

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    Winter Dusk Perfume Oil

    Dark frost was in the air without,
    The dusk was still with cold and gloom,
    When less than even a shadow came
    And stood within the room.

    But of the three around the fire,
    None turned a questioning head to look,
    Still read a clear voice, on and on,
    Still stooped they o’er their book.

    The children watched their mother’s eyes
    Moving on softly line to line;
    It seemed to listen too-that shade,
    Yet made no outward sign.

    The fire-flames crooned a tiny song,
    No cold wind stirred the wintry tree;
    The children both in Faërie dreamed
    Beside their mother’s knee.

    And nearer yet that spirit drew
    Above that heedless one, intent
    Only on what the simple words
    Of her small story meant.

    No voiceless sorrow grieved her mind,
    No memory her bosom stirred,
    Nor dreamed she, as she read to two,
    ‘Twas surely three who heard.

    Yet when, the story done, she smiled
    From face to face, serene and clear,
    A love, half dread, sprang up, as she
    Leaned close and drew them near.

    – Walter De La Mare

    A love, half dread: blackcurrant and black rose with indigo oud and birch tar.

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