Rose - Damask

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    He’d Been an Angel Once Perfume Oil

    He’d been an angel once. He hadn’t meant to Fall. He’d just hung around with the wrong people.

    Sauntering into perdition: leather and smoky musk, damask rose, incense, brimstone, and vetiver.

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  • Just as the Clock Struck Twelve Perfume Oil

    A Countess Who Saw A Ghost

    The Countess of Munster must be classed among the select few who have seen — or think they have seen — a ghost. It seems, according to her own account, which appears in the new number of the “Strand Magazine” that some years ago she became the object of the “infatuated adoration” of a person of her own age and sex. The person died. Some time afterwards the Countess was lying in bed when, just as the clock struck twelve, her friend appeared before her. The weird visitor was in her usual dress as in life, and she had a smile on her face. Like most ghosts, her purpose in appearing does not seem to have been a very intelligible one. To the request that she should state what brought her there she vouchsafed no reply, but as soon as her ladyship’s voice had ceased the apparition disappeared.

    – Evening Herald, 15 July 1895

    An echo of lost love and longing, not sorrowful but wistful: damask rose and sweet patchouli, ambrette seed, cacao, and white musk.

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