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    At the Krampuslauf Perfume Oil

    I know I’ve talked about Lilith’s experiences with Krampus for years, so I hesitate to reiterate them here. She loves Krampus. Her love for Krampus easily equals her love for Santa, so in 2017, we took her to the Gnigl Krampuslauf in Salzburg (which we memorialized in our 12 Lashes From Krampus and Perchtenläufe series). She was enraptured. She was charmed by the wee little kid Krampuses, the Perchten, the switches, and the chains. She loved the snow and icicles, the roadside cider vendors and the bitterly cold air. I love this photo; it really seems to encapsulate her joy that night: the sparkle in her eyes and her bursts of laughter.

    Ice, leather, and snow warmed by a steaming stein of children’s glühwein.

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  • Bear Prince Perfume Oil

    Shaggy fur, snow-flecked and rose-touched.

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    Ded Moroz Perfume Oil

    Grandfather Frost! Accompanied by his granddaughter, Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden, he bestows gifts to virtuous and hard-working people, rewarding their decency and integrity, and punishes those who are lazy, shiftless, and unkind, killing their fields with frost, cracking the trunks of their trees, and destroying their homes.

    The first incarnation of Father Frost was not at all benevolent. He was the personification of the darkest aspects of winter, winter’s destruction incarnate. He kidnapped unruly children, and slew people capriciously by freezing them to death.

    Light, darkness, kindness, and malice: golden amber, white amber, redwood, teak, bois du rose, sage, tree moss, and snow.

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  • Klosterruine Im Winter Mit Blick Auf Heisterbach Perfume Oil

    Carl Georg Adolph Hasenpflug

    Crumbling marble under a blanket of snow, echoes of incense smoke, and crushed frankincense tears.

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    Lilith’s First Icicle Perfume Oil

    The only icicles we get at home happen when we have a fridge malfunction.

    Plucked from the walls of Hohensalzburg Fortress: a glassy frozen snowdrop with whipped cream and glacial musk.

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  • Merry Owls on Velocipedes and Tricycles Perfume Oil

    Snowy-covered Lenten roses, fuchsia camellia, winter heath, and primrose with a flutter of ambergris-gray feathers and boughs of frozen cypress.

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  • Morning Sunlight on the Snow, Èragny-sur-epte Perfume Oil

    Camille Pissarro

    Umber sandalwood, brown amber, chestnut, dead leaves, and oak bark beneath a dusting of snow.

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    Mountain Temple Perfume Oil

    Mountain temple –
    Deep under snow
    A bell

    – Kobayashi Issa

    White sandalwood incense smoke drifting through snowflakes.

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  • Night Gaunt Perfume Oil

    No one ever found what the night-gaunts took, though those beasts themselves were so uncertain as to be almost fabulous. Carter asked them if night-gaunts sucked blood and liked shiny things and left webbed footprints, but they all shook their heads negatively and seemed frightened at his making such an inquiry. When he saw how taciturn they had become he asked them no more, but went to sleep in his blanket.

    Their scent of their slick, rubbery hides is bittersweet, ticklish, and skin-creeping: something akin to yuzu, white grapefruit, and kumquat mixed with the snow-dusted flowers of Mount Ngranek.

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    Perchta 2018 Perfume Oil

    Perchta, the Shining One, is the Lady of the Beasts, an incarnation of the goddess Holda. She, too, leads the Wild Hunt, and is the protectress of wild animals, and appears to mortals as either a white-clad, white-skinned, white-haired beauty, or as a brutish, bestial hag. She is called Berhte Mit Dem Fuoze; one of her feet is shaped like a beast’s, which gives away her superhuman nature no matter how she is disguised. She is also called Perchta the Belly-Slitter, for, at Yuletide, she castigates the wicked, slovenly, and idle, and rewards those that are generous, good-natured, and kind. The Belly-Slitter enforced community taboos, punishing those that spun during holy days and those who failed to partake in sacred feasts, thus jeopardizing the next year’s harvest. Her punishments can be a bit over-the-top, though: they include disemboweling the transgressor and filling the empty cavity with refuse.

    Her scent is a blend of wild musk, snow, and alpine flora: Nigritella lithopolitanica, balsam fir, aconite, crocus, touch-me-not, edelweiss, iced sugar crystals, Iris variegate, and violet.

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    Salzburg Krampuslauf Perfume Oil

    Ted: “Salzburg
    20 degrees
    We are waiting for the krampuslauf to begin.
    Lilith wanted a photo of the three of us.
    I love them them with all my heart and soul.”

    Lavender musk, a bit of Dorian, a smidge of Snake Oil, birchwood, leather, and snow.

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    Snow Bear Perfume Oil

    Lilith put on my boots to run out into the snow this morning in her pajamas. Ich wünsche dir einen guten morgen!

    Pink cotton candy snow, tuberose, plumeria, melon blossom, green tea, lavender, and a shiver of white musk.

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    Snow Moon 2019 Perfume Oil

    The cold earth slept below;

    Above the cold sky shone…


    Some consider December’s full moon to be Snow Moon, but the cold, bleak white silence of February also bears the name. Snowfall is at its heaviest, food is scarce, the past year’s harvest has been exhausted, and driving winds, sleet, and bitter cold make hunting near-impossible. It is a desolate time, a solitary time, a time of conservation and introspection; in February, we are confronted with loneliness and want, and are challenged to find strength in the darkness.

    Snow, endless snow, and a glimmer of hope illuminated by the reflection of Brigid’s flame. Snowdrops pushing through a pale white blanket of crystalline musk, pale white frozen apples, white tea leaf, yuzu, and angelica root.

    To purchase a Snow Moon t-shirt, scoot on over here!

    Artwork by Caldecott-winning illustrator and author and all-around amazing human being and bestest of friends, Dan Santat.

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    Snow Scene with Cherry Blossoms Beside the Phallus Statue Perfume Oil

    Cherry blossoms cascading onto a snowdrift, white wisteria buds, and ume petals.

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    Snow White Perfume Oil

    A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

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  • Snow White Perfume Oil

    A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

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  • Snow White Perfume Label

    Snow White Perfume Oil 2021

    A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers.

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    Snowflake-Shaped Snowflakes Perfume Oil

    We’re such ridiculous LA rubes. We were standing outside our hotel laughing, oohing and ahhhing, and taking photos of snowflake-shaped snowflakes, when an Austrian fellow walks up to us and says, “Snow.” I told him that we’re from Los Angeles, so snow is super exotic to us.

    He nodded and walked away.

    The awe and wonder of a couple of Angelinos marveling at the snowy snowness of the snowflakiest of snowflakes: golden amber, California sage, white tea, and sunny Matilija poppy speckled with snow.

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    Song of the Otherworld Perfume Oil

    On the darkest nights of winter, the swirling winds buffet battle cries and the moans of the long-dead on their blue-fingered eddies. Storm clouds rumble in the east, and a host of wailing spirits, wights, and ghouls gibber, drift, and creep through the land.

    Sleet and champaca, fir needle and opoponax, blue musk and cypress, balsam and snow.

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  • Sprouting Grass Moon 2020 Perfume Oil

    Continuing with our recent themes of hope and renewal, we present Sprouting Grass Moon – a scent celebrating the emergence of the first blades of grass after a long winter.

    Spring grass, there is a dance to be danced for you.
    Come up, spring grass, if only for young feet.
    Come up, spring grass, young feet ask you.

    Smell of the young spring grass,
    You’re a mascot riding on the wind horses.
    You came to my nose and spiffed me. This is your lucky year.

    Young spring grass just after the winter,
    Shoots of the big green whisper of the year,
    Come up, if only for young feet.
    Come up, young feet ask you.

    – Carl Sandburg

    Patches of bright green grass bursting through the last snows of winter.

    The accompanying Lunacy Tee can be found here!

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    Talvikuu Perfume Oil

    Lo! now the direful monster, whose skin clings
    To his strong bones, strides o’er the groaning rocks:
    He withers all in silence, and his hand
    Unclothes the earth, and freezes up frail life.

    Skeletal limbs of birch and fir coated in a thick, impenetrable blanket of snow. This is the death of the year personified.

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  • The Bear Prince Perfume Oil 2021

    Shaggy fur, snow-flecked and rose-touched.

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  • Perfume label text reads THE LOVE OF BARE NOVEMBER DAYS

    The Love of Bare November Days Perfume Oil

    Not yesterday I learned to know

      The love of bare November days

    Before the coming of the snow,

    But it were vain to tell her so,

      And they are better for her praise.


    Black cypress, ink-black musk, oud, beech bark, labdanum, and peru balsam against a backdrop of pale grey musk. The first flurries of snow shiver in the distance.

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    The Snowglobe Perfume Oil

    She looked around the room. It was so familiar-that was what made it feel so truly strange. Everything was exactly the same as she remembered: there was all her grandmother’s strange-smelling furniture, there was the painting of the bowl of fruit (a bunch of grapes, two plums, a peach and an apple) hanging on the wall, there was the low wooden table with the lion’s feet, and the empty fireplace which seemed to suck heat from the room.

    But there was something else, something she did not remember seeing before. A ball of glass, up on the mantelpiece.

    She went over to the fireplace, went up on tiptoes, and lifted it down. It was a snow globe, with two little people in it. Coraline shook it and set the snow flying, white snow that glittered as it tumbled through the water.

    Then she put the snow globe back on the mantelpiece, and carried on looking for her true parents and for a way out.

    Cold leaded glass, bone chip snow, and glycerin.

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    Think Snow for Me Home & Linen Spray

    “What we need,” said Wednesday, suddenly, “is snow. A good, driving, irritating snow. Think ‘snow’ for me, will you?”


    “Concentrate on making those clouds-the ones over there, in the west-making them bigger and darker. Think gray skies and driving winds coming down from the arctic. Think snow.”

    “I don’t think it will do any good.”

    “Nonsense. If nothing else, it will keep your mind occupied,” said Wednesday, unlocking the car. “Kinko’s next. Hurry up.”

    Snow, thought Shadow, in the passenger seat, sipping his hot chocolate. Huge, dizzying clumps and clusters of snow falling through the air, patches of white against an iron-gray sky, snow that touches your tongue with cold and winter, that kisses your face with its hesitant touch before freezing you to death. Twelve cotton-candy inches of snow, creating a fairy-tale world, making everything unrecognizably beautiful . . .

    Snow, thought Shadow. High in the atmosphere, perfect, tiny crystals that form about a minute piece of dust, each a lacelike work of fractal art. And the snow crystals clump together into flakes as they fall, covering Chicago in their white plenty, inch upon inch . . .

    Snow upon snow upon snow.

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  • Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge Perfume Oil

    Ladislav Mednyánszky

    Indigo musk, blackened lilac, wild plum rind, opium tar, tobacco flower, and snow.

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