• Chocolate Babka Perfume Oil

    A diasporic take on an ancestral dessert: braided chocolate rye bread with a sliver of almond paste filling.

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  • Honey Babka Perfume Oil

    Laminated dough topped with sugar syrup and streusel.

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  • Nightingale Perfume Oil

    The national bird of Ukraine. A lovely and powerful song translated into scent: toasted bourbon vanilla, sweet oats and honey, cardamom, and cream.

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  • Sunyashniki Perfume Oil

    The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, a symbol of the life-affirming power of the sun that has, in recent days, become a fierce symbol of determination and resistance. This is a scent as bright as the vibrant petals of the sunflower, and as warm and joyous as the sun: flaxen amber, golden musk, neroli, lemon leaf and rind, frankincense, and sweet cedar.

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  • Syrnyk Perfume Oil

    A dessert akin to a crustless cheesecake with a hint of vanilla and lemon zest.

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  • Yabluchnyk Perfume Oil

    A Ukrainian cinnamon apple cake with brown sugar. My grandmother’s yabluchnyk contained black cherries and peaches, so that’s what you’re getting here, too.

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