Vampire 2021

  • Heavy as Honeyed Pulses Beat Perfume Oil

    Who are you now, — we cried to her —
    Spirit so strange, so sinister?
    We felt dead winds above us stir;
    And in the darkness heard
    A voice fall, singing, cloying sweet,
    Heavily dropping, though that heat,
    Heavy as honeyed pulses beat,
    Slow word by anguished word.

    Opoponax and vetiver throbbing with thick globs of smoked honey.

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  • Her Eyes Have Feasted on the Dead Perfume Oil

    Her eyes have feasted on the dead,
    And small and shapely is her head

    Bruise-purple violet and Spanish moss.

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  • Her Mouth is Sinister and Red Perfume Oil

    And dark and small her mouth,” they said,
    “And beautiful to kiss;
    Her mouth is sinister and red
    As blood in moonlight is.”

    Blood in moonlight: red rose petals and daemonorops dribbling across gleaming beams of white orchid, mugwort, and white musk.

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    Innocent Souls Turned Carrion Birds Perfume Oil

    Then poets forgot their jeweled words
    And cut the sky with glittering swords;
    And innocent souls turned carrion birds
    To perch upon the dead.

    Grey musk, grey sandalwood, and labdanum.

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  • mouth so sweet so poisonous

    Mouth So Sweet, So Poisonous Perfume Oil

    What shape was this who came to us,
    With basilisk eyes so ominous,
    With mouth so sweet, so poisonous,
    And tortured hands so pale?

    A sugared venom, dark and sweet: wild plum and crystallized honey with opium pod, bourbon vanilla, and crushed poisonous berries.

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    Skeletons Dancing to a Tune Perfume Oil

    And skeletons dancing to a tune;
    And cries of children stifled soon;
    And over all a blood-red moon
    A dull and nightmare size.
    They woke, and sought to go their ways,
    Yet everywhere they met her gaze,
    Her fixed and burning eyes.

    Dry white sandalwood with a flicker of amber, blood musk, and red pepper.

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    Skies Grown Red With Rending Flame Perfume Oil

    We tried to turn away; but still
    Above we heard her sorrow thrill;
    And those that slept, they dreamed of ill
    And dreadful things:
    Of skies grown red with rending flames
    And shuddering hills that cracked their frames;
    Of twilights foul with wings

    Blackened clove, red ginger, and fiery crimson musk.

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  • Through the Night Strange Music Went

    Through the Night Strange Music Went Perfume Oil

    And through the night strange music went
    With voice and cry so darkly blent
    We could not fathom what they meant

    A discordant clang of neroli, red apple, and bitter lemon drifting through a starless sea of indigo musk, tabac, and myrrh.

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