Vanilla Husk

  • Aoede, Melete, Mneme Perfume Oil

    Lilith had plans to record a ton of covers this year, but the pandemic put that to a screeching halt. She was able to finish one of the songs that she started before the shelter in place, though; it is a cover of one of her favorite songs by her all-time favorite artist.

    She gets so uncomfortable when I play her music at home, but the sound of her singing voice is soul-soothing to me, and I love the way she personalizes every song she sings with an enigmatic somber quality that I can’t quite put my finger on. She has a way of making bright songs grave, light songs gloomy, and sad songs stranger.

    Lilith’s cover of Billie Eilish’s Bellyache, produced by Taylor Locke and Paige Stark, engineered by Taylor Locke at Velveteen Laboratory.

    Sugared cream, vanilla husk, white sandalwood, and flecks of caramel.

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  • Creating the World Perfume Oil

    Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz
    Scorched cedarwood, vanilla husk, Italian bergamot, dried red fruits, indigo, leather, and red oud.

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    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu Perfume Oil

    Hinoki wood, vanilla husk, brandied apricots, and dark musk.

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    Faiza, The Lady of Serpents Perfume Oil

    Upon the next stage, a primitive cage has been erected. It is made of heavy, dark sticks bound with strips of deep brown leather. The stage is as dark as pitch, and from the shadows, you hear soft hissing, spitting, and an ominous chorus of weird rattling sounds. You approach with some trepidation, and peer between the bars. Your attention is seized by writhing forms on the straw bottom of the cage. As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you realize that the floor is seething with serpents, dark and colorful, languid and large, swift and small. You hear a sultry chuckle, and you see bright, unblinking emerald eyes staring at you from the corner of the cage. A woman crawls through the snakes, her scaled body as sinuous and lissome as the creatures that share her home. She reaches towards you languorously with her sharp-clawed hands and sighs.

    A sensual blend of twisting, exotic, serpentine oils: black amber, oakmoss, green sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine sambac, gardenia, orange pulp, black cardamom, vanilla, blackberry, black musk, blackened vanilla husk, white honey, ti leaf, and ginger.

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  • Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking Perfume Oil

    Goat’s milk, honey dust, vanilla husk, oak bark, cardamom pod, tobacco leaf, cedarwood, and vetiver.

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    Foolish Wooden Cucumber Perfume Oil

    We won’t ask what you use it for. Polished oak, vanilla husk, and cucumber juice.

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    Fortuna Balnearis Perfume Oil

    The Fortunes of Health and Well-Being

    A hymn for good health and protection of the vulnerable: orange blossom honey, vanilla husk, green stem sap, and a drop of King mandarin.

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    I Will be Strange, Stout, in Yellow Stockings Perfume Oil

    I thank my stars I am happy. I will
    be strange, stout, in yellow stockings, and
    cross-gartered, even with the swiftness of putting
    on. Jove and my stars be praised!

    — Malvolio

    Champaca absolute, lemon peel, basmati rice, smoked vanilla husk, and green tea.

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    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru Perfume Oil

    Vanilla husk, vanilla sandalwood, copal, and patchouli.

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  • Liquid Gold is in the Air Perfume Oil

    The thistledown’s flying, though the winds are all still,
    On the green grass now lying, now mounting the hill,
    The spring from the fountain now boils like a pot;
    Through stones past the counting it bubbles red-hot.

    The ground parched and cracked is like overbaked bread,
    The greensward all wracked is, bents dried up and dead.
    The fallow fields glitter like water indeed,
    And gossamers twitter, flung from weed unto weed.

    Hill-tops like hot iron glitter bright in the sun,
    And the rivers we’re eying burn to gold as they run;
    Burning hot is the ground, liquid gold is the air;
    Whoever looks round sees Eternity there.

    – John Clare

    Liquid gold cascading over parched earth: three glittering ambers, golden oud, golden apple, saffron, and orange blossom honey with vanilla husk and gilded cedar.

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  • Pazuru Perfume Oil

    Vanilla husk, Sri Lankan sandalwood, chamomile blossoms, white musk, ti leaf, wildflower honey, and Tahitian ginger.

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    Psalm 82:2-4 Perfume Oil

    How long will you vindicate evil and accept the face of the wicked? Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

    Crystalline musk, red benzoin, and vanilla husk.

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    Smokers Hair Gloss

    Stag films – or smokers – are pornographic shorts of the early-to-mid 20th century that were created clandestinely and anonymously by amateur actors in order to circumvent censorship laws. A flicker of black pepper crackling over a celluloid stream of white musk, elemi, bay laurel, tobacco leaf, ambergris accord, and vanilla husk.

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  • So Weit Gebracht, Daß Wir Bei Nacht Perfume Oil

    So weit gebracht,
    Daß wir bei Nacht
    Allvater heimlich singen!
    Doch ist es Tag,
    Sobald man mag
    Ein reines Herz dir bringen.
    Du kannst zwar heut,
    Und manche Zeit,
    Dem Feinde viel erlauben.
    Die Flamme reinigt sich vom Rauch:
    So reinge unsern Glauben!
    Und raubt man uns den alten Brauch,
    Dein Licht, wer will es rauben?

    Thus far ’tis right,
    That we by night
    Our Father’s praises sing;
    Yet when ’tis day,
    To Thee we may
    A heart unsullied bring.
    ‘Tis true that now.
    And often, Thou
    Favourest the foe in fight.
    As from the smoke is freed the blaze,
    So let our faith burn bright!
    And if they crush our olden ways,
    Who e’er can crush Thy light?

    Hearts unsullied: red sandalwood, olibanum, white cedar, palmarosa, myrrh, vanilla husk, and cardamom.

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    Socius Beard Oil

    A solid, steadfast blend of patchouli, smoked vanilla husk, ambergris accord, and tawny oudh.

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    Utter Sophistication Perfume Oil

    Lilith, Beth, and I love the theater and have attended quite a few shows. As all seasoned theater-goers know, it is proper theater etiquette to always behave in a dignified and courteous manner. I believe that we have achieved that. I love my proper, classy daughter to pieces.

    Dorian and lavender with beeswax rosin, polished oak, vanilla husk, a couple of stray popcorn kernels, and a dollop of Snake Oil.

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    Various Penises Hair Gloss

    Smoky brown vanilla husk, bourbon vanilla, dark amber, pink oud, and burnt cocoa bean.

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    Voluptuous Wantonness Perfume Oil

    “The sweetness was turned to adamantine, heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness.”

    Preternatural hedonism: silken billows of scarlet musk and red oudh with sugared fig, opoponax, wild plum, Siamese benzoin, vanilla husk, tobacco, and mimosa.

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    Wan Wan Perfume Oil

    Furry white musk, hay absolute, vanilla husk, clove bud, carnation, jonquil, and myrrh.

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    Woman Dragging Her Aroused Lover Across a Bridge Perfume Oil

    Sweet amber and rosewood, wet oak beams, smoky vanilla husk, ambrette seed, and hinoki wood.

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    Wooden Puppetry Doll of a Copulating Couple and a Gunpai War Fan Home & Linen Spray

    Oak wood, vanilla husk, fig meat, bamboo reeds, black silk, and patchouli.

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