• crow moon t-shirt image illustrated by dan santat with a crow against the full moon

    Crow Moon 2020 Perfume Oil

    This is the final Full Moon of winter. The call of the crow signals the end of the frost, and their scent, of vervain, black violet, white musk, Terebinth, and Chinese cedar, is brushed by the last cold wind of winter on their wings, and the scent of evergreen boughs touched by the season’s final flowers and the first blossoms of spring: wintersweet, green-barked dogwood, primrose, snowdrop, and lenten rose hellebore bouquet.

    The accompanying Lunacy Tee can be found here!

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  • Gaia’s Blessing Perfume Oil

    An oil for gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, horticulturalists, and all people who shepherd and care for the Earth. It can be used in rituals to enhance your gardening skills, increase your crop output, and protect your gardens, fields, and farms, as well as rituals honoring Earth deities and for rites to enhance grounding, stability, fecundity, patience, wisdom, and endurance. This oil can also be used in works to support environmental and climate political action.

    Patchouli root, spikenard, burgundy pitch, barley, oakmoss, rice, purple sage, white sage, and clary sage, vervain, ivy, and myrrh.

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  • Shelter Perfume Oil

    A fundamental problem that I believe most of us share right now is that we have very little sense of safety. To say that the world is in chaos is a grievous understatement, and it can all be incredibly overwhelming. One of the most difficult things right now is finding a baseline; how do you build when your foundation is made of sand? How can you stand strong when the ground is thick with slippery ooze?

    I built this oil to help form a sense of fundamental safety, a solid bedrock that you can build from. This is an oil of stability and grounding that will help you find the strength to keep going.

    This oil contains warm brown patchouli, angelica root, oakmoss absolute, lemongrass, vetiver, bourbon vanilla absolute, lavender bud, ginger root, spruce, vervain, three sages, and barley.

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  • Witches’ Kitchen Perfume Oil

    Frans Francken the Younger

    Bourbon tobacco absolute, nagarmotha, vetiver, tomato leaf, gunpowder, yarrow stalks, brimstone, vervain, seared leather, and castoreum accord.

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