Vetiver - Black


    Faun Einer Amsel Zupfeifend Perfume Oil

    Faun einer Amsel zupfeifend

    Arnold Bocklin

    A musky, sensual balsamic amber reclining on a bed of dandelions, mock strawberry, and wild grasses with a flutter of feathery black vetiver and a splotch of ink.

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  • In his hands all thy cruelties thrive

    In His Hands All Thy Cruelties Thrive Perfume Oil

    Thou shalt blind his bright eyes though he wrestle,

    Thou shalt chain his light limbs though he strive;

    In his lips all thy serpents shall nestle,

    In his hands all thy cruelties thrive.

    In the daytime thy voice shall go through him,

    In his dreams he shall feel thee and ache;

    Thou shalt kindle by night and subdue him

    Asleep and awake.


    Gleaming black vetiver, bay laurel, opoponax, hiba wood, Spanish moss, clove, and leather accord.

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