• Absinthe Perfume Oil

    Fall under the spell of our Green Fairy! An intoxicating blend containing wormwood essence, light mints, cardamom, anise, hyssop, and the barest hint of lemon.

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  • Patchouli and Wormwood FLOWER MOON
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    Stormclouds Over the Midway Perfume Oil

    In your smoke-addled confusion, the Midway seems strangely empty and devoid of life. The tents that line the path appear distorted, out of proportion, and cartoonish, their angles arching menacingly.

    For a moment, the only sound you hear is the soft squelch of your boots on the damp ground. As your eyes adjust, the tents right themselves, the sounds of the Midway swirl around you, and you feel the press of the crowd against your body. The Calliope’s eerie drone lilts above the swelling chatter.

    Wine-colored storm clouds are gathering, and the scent of incense and ozone is thick in the wet air.

    Thunder-charged ozone, plum-colored incense smoke, opium tar, and wormwood.

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  • there yet shall be sorrows

    There Yet Shall Be Sorrows Perfume Oil

    In yesterday’s reach and to-morrow’s,

    Out of sight though they lie of to-day,

    There have been and there yet shall be sorrows

    That smite not and bite not in play.

    The life and the love thou despisest,

    These hurt us indeed, and in vain,

    O wise among women, and wisest,

    Our Lady of Pain.


    White sandalwood, black cypress, wormwood, creeping willow, and rue.

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