Happy Birthday, Lilith!


Lilith, I love you. I love you more than words can convey. I love you more than my heart or mind can comprehend. I love all of you: the light and the dark, the cheerful and the complex. I love your luminous spirit, I love your generous, kind soul.

Truly, to me you are the Gladdener of All Hearts.

Happy birthday, kiddo.

Over at Black Phoenix Trading Post, Teddy has some stories to share about his life as Lilith’s daddy:

Lilith and the Raven


I love you.

Those three words are said every day by millions of people with varying degrees of meaning, but those three words cannot convey the depth of feelings I have for you.

Beth is my soulmate and I would be lost without her, but you make me want to live forever just so I can see all the amazing things you are capable of.

Up until you were born, I felt that my life was great. I had traveled the world, seen and did many wonderful things, but nothing compares to having you hug me and say, “Daddy, I love you.”

Just the other day, you said that you are going to learn how to make robots so that when we are old we can put our brains in robot bodies and live forever.

I hope that you can do that so I can spend my eternity with you and Beth.

I love you.


“Catch me dad!” she cries, and takes off.
How can I ever say no to my best friend?
I hope she never loses the joy of running because I will always be ready to run and play with her.

Sun-warmed dirt and wildflowers, a whiff of the lavender Lilith loves to use in her hair, and the green leaves of summer just turning to autumn’s russet and brown.

Captain Lilith, the scourge of the seven seas has returned.

Lilith and her crew were playing a spirited game of Liar’s dice, when the first mate was caught cheating. The captain does not tolerate cheaters on board her vessel and she took the first mate to task. The battle was fierce but quick. Captain Lilith takes no prisoners! “WALK THE PLANK, DAD.”

Rum-flavored candies, caramel, pirate tobacco, sugar cane, and vanilla beans.

When I was younger, my life was one huge, fast merry-go-round of bars and dance clubs but I have found that there is nothing better that a lazy evening of a movie and popcorn with my best friend and her Dog Mom Wednesday.

My life is full of love and my belly is full of popcorn. What could be better?

Popcorn and jelly beans.

Lilith is never going to let me grow old, and why would I want to? Especially when there are muddy puddles just waiting to be splashed in and mom is waiting with a warm mug of chocolate.
I love the rain and my family.

The scent of hot chocolate with marshmallows after a long day of puddle-hopping.

Once upon a time there once was a King and a Princess that both adored books.
Every night they would retire to the royal chambers and read together.
Sometimes they read about castles.
Sometimes they read about superheroes.
They would about read about pigs that could fly, exploding cows, purple crayons, and imaginary friends. The stories changed, but always they would lie side by side and enjoy each other’s company.

I love my little Princess. I hope we always read stories and make stories together, forever.

Our bedtime scent: French lavender, hops, yarrow, Roman chamomile, and a drop of vanilla.

Sunday mornings are made for the tranquility of a quiet family breakfast.

Totally-not-healthy breakfast cereals, spilled milk, a smushed bit of banana, and the last gloopy bits of latte foam.

Lilith and I have a game where I lie down on her like I’m going to sleep and say, “My pillow is lumpy. What a lumpy pillow.” Then I try to fluff up my pillow. She tries to get away while I yell, “COME BACK PILLOW!”

This photo was taken while we were in Seattle; laughing and giggling is what we do best.

Coffee and junk food room service: a fluffy coffee scent, all pillowy vanilla, caramel, and roasted beans.

Get ’em over at the Trading Post.

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  1. Mary says:

    This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all month. I’m so happy that your wonderful daughter is so loved and cared for, and I wish you all long lives filled with joy.

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