Planting Moon, Sweet Alyssum Single Note, C2E2

Planting Moon is sprouting at BPAL and BPTP!

As is the garden such is the gardener,
A man’s nature runs either to herbs or to weeds.
 -Francis Bacon


This Full Moon marks a time for new growth, both within nature and within our spirits. It is a time of fertility and fruitfulness, for sowing seeds to ensure blessings and bounty later in the year.

The scent of Planting Moon is that of summer squashes, pole beans, kohlrabi, tomato leaves, peppery arugula, upturned earth, and sun-warmed herbs.

Art by Abigail Larson!

Also blossoming at the Lab —

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
– Gérard de Nerval

A lush carpet of foam-white and dusky purple blossoms: this is the gentle, joyous scent of spring-blooming sweet alyssum.

Plus, a lunar eclipse!

Luna’s lovely, pale face crowned by a sliver of umbral shadow and veiled by penumbral shadow: white musk, mugwort, iris, white tea, and silvered yarrow with black amber, Indonesian patchouli, fir resin, and blackcurrant.

Mea culpa! Because of C2E2 and Bats Day, there’s going to be a longer turnaround on the scents in this update. But, on the up side – the update is going up early and staying around longer! Sweet Alyssum Accord, Planting Moon, and Lunar Eclipse will be live until Mayday.

Thank you so much for understanding! Hope to see you at our booth at C2E2!

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