Fundraiser for Ukraine

Beside the house, the cherry’s flowering,
Above the trees the May bugs hum,
The ploughmen from the furrows come,
The girls all wander homeward, singing,
And mothers wait the meal for them.

Beside the house, a family supper,
Above, the evening star appears,
The daughter serves the dishes here;
It’s useless to advise her, mother,
The nightingale won’t let her hear.

Beside the house, the mother lulls
The little children for the night,
Then she, too, settles at their side.
And all is still… Only the girls
And nightingales disturb the quiet.

– Taras Shevchenko, translated by Vera Rich

On February 24th, 2022, Vladimir Putin initiated his attempt to redraw the map of Europe, starting with an full-scale invasion of Ukraine. As of this writing, peaceful Ukrainian cities are under strike, but Kyiv has still not fallen to Russia’s military.

Ukrainian civilians are enduring unspeakable suffering. If you would like to help, here are some organizations that you should consider supporting during this dark time:

Voices of Children

Razom for Ukraine

United Help Ukraine

Emergency Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

You can also chip in to help the Kyiv Independent keep reporting:

or donate to the UN Refugee Agency to help people worldwide that have been displaced:

to Médecins Sans Frontieres to assist with medical care:

or to World Central Kitchen, who are providing meals for Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border:

We have crafted two scents as a fundraiser whose profits will be split between United Help Ukraine, who are providing medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and World Central Kitchen.

  • Chocolate Babka Perfume Oil

    A diasporic take on an ancestral dessert: braided chocolate rye bread with a sliver of almond paste filling.

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  • Honey Babka Perfume Oil

    Laminated dough topped with sugar syrup and streusel.

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  • Nightingale Perfume Oil

    The national bird of Ukraine. A lovely and powerful song translated into scent: toasted bourbon vanilla, sweet oats and honey, cardamom, and cream.

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  • Sunyashniki Perfume Oil

    The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, a symbol of the life-affirming power of the sun that has, in recent days, become a fierce symbol of determination and resistance. This is a scent as bright as the vibrant petals of the sunflower, and as warm and joyous as the sun: flaxen amber, golden musk, neroli, lemon leaf and rind, frankincense, and sweet cedar.

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  • Syrnyk Perfume Oil

    A dessert akin to a crustless cheesecake with a hint of vanilla and lemon zest.

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  • Yabluchnyk Perfume Oil

    A Ukrainian cinnamon apple cake with brown sugar. My grandmother’s yabluchnyk contained black cherries and peaches, so that’s what you’re getting here, too.

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