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Incomparably sensual, nourishing soaps.

We are proud to present exquisite handmade soaps by B. Perry Studios, scented by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

These gloriously luxuriant soaps were created with the finest skin-nurturing ingredients. They are made by hand, from scratch, by the fiercely talented master soaper Brooke Perry, and are generously scented with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab brews. Each bar is at least 3.5oz (without any water weight), and are cut 1″ thick from a 3″ square block of soap. The faces of the bars are smooth and bear unique, undulating, surrealistically beautiful swirls and marbles, and the sides are textured and raw, exhibiting the complex landscape of unsculpted handmade soap.

Vegan, and palm-free, these luscious bars are made with golden cocoa butter and rich, humectant olive oil.

As always, no animals were harmed during the creation of this soap, and all products were tested on friends and family.