Freak in the Sheets

“O Friend, the cloth from which your burial shroud will be cut may have already reached the market and yet you remain unaware!”
— Al-Ghazali

While most aspire to spookier, more inventive, or more glamorous costumes, the humble sheet ghost remains firmly in step with the concept of Halloween as the provenance of children, tricksters, spirits, and others who fly by the sheet of their pants.

Arising from history as an ad-hoc approximation of a funeral shroud (inhabited or otherwise) the simplicity of the sheet ghost design is also its strength; derided by many as “low effort” holiday attire, it endures as the most accessible and recognizable costume of all, keeping it perpetually ripe for reinvention.

Nowadays, white sheets are less fashionable— and so are funeral shrouds, for that matter. Our FREAK IN THE SHEETS perfume collection is here to assure you that taste in bedroom decor needn’t hinder one’s ghostly aspirations in the slightest! While you’re at it, no one can stop you from updating your end-of-life plans to make sure you’re sent to the grave wound in cool, breathable 270-thread percale, or a swath of jersey knit fit for a California king. It’s called fashion, spook it up!

Sheet ghost models: Mabel Garcia, Galen Adair, Ted Burton, Tina Hyland, and Lady Bearica Andrews

Styling and photos by T. Bloom

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