Aspects of the Hierophant

  • The Crossed Keys Perfume Oil

    I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    The crossed keys at the Hierophant’s feet represent the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds and the unlocking of mysteries, which only he can teach. They are the Keys to Heaven, the Keys of St. Peter, and they hold all the power of binding and loosing.

    Sweet myrrh, Oman frankincense, gum acacia, and white sandalwood.

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  • The Disciples Perfume Oil

    The Disciples look to the Hierophant for guidance, support, advice, and instruction, though within themselves they contain the Sun and Moon, the White King and Red Queen, and all who seek enlightenment through union.

    White and red rose petals, sweet labdanum, vanilla bean, prune, red sandalwood, and orange blossom.

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  • The Grey Columns Perfume Oil

    Like his sister, the High Priestess, he is flanked by two pillars: the Pillar of Hermes and the Pillar of Solomon. His columns are the grey of mixing opposite, complimentary colors, signifying perfect balance and equilibrium. His sister’s pillars demonstrate her dominion over hidden and esoteric knowledge, while the airy, grey open space between the Hierophant’s speak to his authority over knowledge that is shared and freely distributed.

    A perfectly balanced blend of grey and white amber, touched by a hint of smoke.

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  • The Hierophant’s Benediction Perfume Oil

    In his hands, he holds the power to forgive all transgressions and the power to transform the soul through direct contact with the Divine.

    A gentle blend, soothing, merciful, and compassionate: orris root, white sandalwood, coconut husk, bourbon vanilla, almond milk, angelica root, and storax.

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  • The Hierophant’s Robe Perfume Oil

    The red-orange robe pulsates with power held in reserve, its white accents demonstrate purity of thought and action, the blue beneath the papal robe shows a foundation of purit
    y, spiritual grace and beauty, and transcendence, and the crosses symbolize the bridge between humanity and the Divine.

    King mandarin and blackcurrant with frankincense, white clove, lilac, red rose petals, French lavender, and red vegetal musk.

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  • The Triple Crown Perfume Oil

    Dominion over the Three Worlds and the realms of vegetable, mineral, and animal, mind, body, and spirit, id, ego, and superego, heaven, earth, and hell.

    A glittering diadem of golden amber suffused with crushed greenery, stone accord, and brown musk, elemi, rice milk, and vanilla bean, storax, patchouli, and vetiver, frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, and myrrh.

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