Twilight Alchemy Lab

Twilight Alchemy Lab

Each month in 2020, we will be offering a condition oil from our sister shop, Twilight Alchemy Lab, that is relevant to the thematic weather. While these oils can be used as perfumes, they are intended for ritual use.

Please note: these oils may contain plant materia, resins, and other floaty bits. The TAL site is currently being refurbished, so in the interim, you can find more information (and snazzy pictures) on our Instagram: @twilightalchemylab

  • BPAL label that says Empowering

    Empowering Perfume Oil

    A fortifying eruption of strength, courage, stamina, determination, and personal power.

    This oil includes dragon’s blood resin, red ginger, high john the conqueror root, cedar, frankincense, ambrette seed, bergamot, and hyssop.

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  • fete

    Fête Perfume Oil

    A bright, ebullient, cheerful party oil that arouses joy, enhances charisma, and fills the soul with lightness and laughter.

    Red benzoin, rose otto, carnation absolute, frankincense, lemongrass, mastic, saffron, ylang ylang, bergamot, and tangerine.

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  • Harvest Moon Love Potion Perfume Oil

    An attraction and sensuality blend that is delightfully camouflaged as a perfume. Autumn romance personified, infused with the comfort of fall leaves and apple pulp, cacao, 7-year aged patchouli, vanilla absolute, benzoin, cubeb berries, and rose absolute.

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