Pride Monsters

In 2018 we crafted this spirited series of exclusive scents for DragCon, riffing on our kid’s obsessive interests in drag reality TV and monster fashion dolls. We knew the convention was a dream destination for many other families with young children and teens as well, for all kinds of reasons. It did not seem like a controversial event to support or attend with children — certainly no more so than any other Con organized by adults to celebrate artistry within a particular subculture.

A lot has… uh, changed in the country since then? But while the current threats against the LGBTQIA+ community are historic in scope, the fear and hatred driving them are basically the same old story.

Please note that instead of attempting to recreate these perfumes from the original formulae, we have chosen to completely reinvent them. This isn’t a restock or a resurrection: they smell different! We hope you’ll enjoy this fresh take on a shelf-stable concept, still featuring Eric Thurbeck’s original label illustrations.

This time around, proceeds from the series will be donated to Drag Story Hour. (We were thrilled to host our very own Story Hour at the Lab back in 2017, when we were still hosting our Lunacy events!)

Art by Eric Thurnbeck

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