Amber - Fossilized

  • Falling Leaves Moon 2020 Perfume Oil

    Today, as I rode by,
    I saw the brown leaves dropping from their tree
    In a still afternoon,
    When no wind whirled them whistling to the sky,
    But thickly, silently,
    They fell, like snowflakes wiping out the noon;
    And wandered slowly thence
    For thinking of a gallant multitude
    Which now all withering lay,
    Slain by no wind of age or pestilence,
    But in their beauty strewed
    Like snowflakes falling on the Flemish clay.

    – Margaret Postgate Cole

    A cascade of fading leaves against a backdrop of grey ambergris, grassy vetiver, carrot seed, fossilized amber, green cardamom, cinnamon husk, saffron, tobacco flower, and bay laurel.

    The accompanying Lunacy Tee can be found here!

    It is our distinct honor to continue our collaboration with the Caldecott-winning Dan Santat: Author/Illustrator on 2020’s Lunacy series, with FALLING LEAVES MOON.

    You can visit Dan’s Amazon author page here.

    If you love children’s literature, you must pick up “Beekle,” “After the Fall,” “Drawn Together,” “Dude!,” “Sidekicks,” “Crankenstein Valentine,” or any other of Dan’s amazing books. His stories aren’t just for kids: they are moving, touching, heart-exploding stories for anyone at any age.

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    Libidinous Encounter During the Rice Harvest Perfume Oil

    Rice milk, rice flower, fossilized amber, champaca, and frangipani.

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  • Lightning Strikes the Future Perfume Oil

    Iconic images that ripple through decades of culture and counter-culture, forming an exquisite corpse of horror, glamour, intellectual discourse, and feminist rage that rises to meet the challenges of humanity’s increasingly uncertain fate. The ultimate lab experiment: streaks of feral red musk twining in a double-helix around a pulsing, electrified core of fossilized amber, erupting from a glimmering pool of reactor coolant.

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  • Malinconia Perfume Oil

    Domenico Fetti

    The thief of joy: Oman frankincense, fossilized amber, white patchouli, champaca orchid, ambergris accord, myrrh resin, violet leaf, orris root, age-stained paper, chrysanthemum, and pale tendrils of smoke.

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  • philosopher reading

    Philosopher Reading Perfume Oil

    Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn


    Dusty stone and creaking oak floorboards, frankincense smoke, crumbling vellum, beeswax drippings, fossilized amber, and soft, brown, hand-worn leather.

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  • Rickety Staircase Perfume Oil

    Once the grand foyer’s elegant centerpiece, now its winding curves creak treacherously, the handrail dull and splintered under decades of dust: fossilized amber crackling over dry oak.

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