Vanilla Absolute

  • A Breton Sorceress Perfume Oil

    Robert Wylie

    Tonka bean, yellow bergamot, ambrette seed, patchouli root, oak bark and leaf, bitter almond, smoked cedar, allspice, and vanilla absolute.

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  • Bobbing for Snake Oil Perfume Oil

    Our best-selling fragrance gets dunked: apples crushed into vintage patchouli, dark, rich, aged vanilla absolute, vegetal musk, and spices.

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  • Dark-Eyed, Delightful Perfume Oil

    Brown sugar, cacao, toasted cardamom, patchouli, vanilla absolute, and benzoin.

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  • This image is decorative

    Eyes Skyward, Eyes Shut Perfume Oil

    Divine ecstasy and divine madness. Ambivalence and absolute faith.

    Frankincense and lemon peel drifting on a cloud of lemongrass, white coconut, sandalwood, and vanilla absolute.

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    Ganymede’s Junk Perfume Oil

    White sandalwood, pink carnation, clove bud, muguet, and vanilla absolute.

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  • Harvest Moon Love Potion Perfume Oil

    An attraction and sensuality blend that is delightfully camouflaged as a perfume. Autumn romance personified, infused with the comfort of fall leaves and apple pulp, cacao, 7-year aged patchouli, vanilla absolute, benzoin, cubeb berries, and rose absolute.

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  • I Am As Lyght As Byrde In Bowe Perfume Oil

    In May, we celebrate love, passion, and fecundity, and spells are woven for protection and fruitfulness. It is a month of courting and hawking, a celebration of romance, joy, and freedom, and a reminder that hope truly is eternal.

    A hawk in flight: white sage, tonka bean, orris root, cinnamon bark, patchouli root, feather-light vanilla absolute, russet benzoin, myrrh, champaca, and incense smoke.

    Proceeds from this scent benefit Trans Lifeline. May we all have the support we need in order to thrive, be safe, and experience joy.

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    Jongleur Perfume Oil

    Wherein the Magician and the Fool are one, spinning the story and juggling the knives that drive a man’s fate.

    Frankincense and star anise, bergamot and clove bud, rue and green cinnamon, saffron and carnation, cedar and vanilla absolute.

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    Lady Death: Savage Perfume Oil

    Lady Death in all her savage glory: an unrelenting supernatural warrior witch!

    White musk, grey amber, Calabrian bergamot, vanilla absolute, French labdanum, styrax, wormwood, caraway, and bois de jasmin.

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  • Label image for Pleasure Boat featuring Edo-era Shunga art

    Pleasure Boat Perfume Oil

    Golden amber, sandalwood rose, Kerria japonica, golden carnation, vanilla absolute, plush green mosses, orris root, and myrrh.

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  • Read 10:42PM Perfume Oil

    A reflection on the selfie as a form of introspection and communication: ylang ylang and blackberries with sweet aged patchouli, vanilla absolute, cade, and labdanum.

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  • BPAL brimstone logo with the text Song of Hope

    Song of Hope Perfume Oil

    O sweet To-morrow! –
    After to-day
    There will away
    This sense of sorrow.
    Then let us borrow
    Hope, for a gleaming
    Soon will be streaming,
    Dimmed by no gray –
    No gray!

    While the winds wing us
    Sighs from The Gone,
    Nearer to dawn
    Minute-beats bring us;
    When there will sing us
    Larks of a glory
    Waiting our story
    Further anon –

    Doff the black token,
    Don the red shoon,
    Right and retune
    Viol-strings broken;
    Null the words spoken
    In speeches of rueing,
    The night cloud is hueing,
    To-morrow shines soon –
    Shines soon!

    – Thomas Hardy

    A warm amber carnation with patchouli root, ambergris accord, balsam of Peru, vanilla absolute, black pepper, clove husk, ochre leather, and pimento berry.

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  • Sopor Label Art

    Sopor Perfume Oil

    A restorative sleep blend.

    This oil contains lavender, hops, Roman chamomile, vetiver, vanilla absolute, and blue tansy.

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  • Toddler Holster Perfume Oil

    I realize that it’s a doll strapped tucked into St. Nick’s belt, but this Yule card will always be Toddler Holster to me.


    Brown leather, fir needle, amber, vanilla absolute, and Belgian chocolate.

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  • Triumphant Vulva Perfume Oil

    Lotus root, sweet amber, warm cream accord, vanilla absolute, almond blossom, and tea rose.

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  • Wild Nights – Wild Nights! Perfume Oil

    Wild nights – Wild nights!
    Were I with thee
    Wild nights should be
    Our luxury!

    Futile – the winds –
    To a Heart in port –
    Done with the Compass –
    Done with the Chart!

    Rowing in Eden –
    Ah – the Sea!
    Might I but moor – tonight –
    In thee!

    – Emily Dickinson

    A storm-tossed tempest of red-streaked black musk, vanilla absolute, smoked patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, vetiver, and cardamom sugar.

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