The Many Moons of March

2018 kicked off with some extremely auspicious lunar activity, and we’re here for it. Grab the following blends while you can! “Once in a blue moon” might not be as rare as people think, but the following perfume interpretations by Beth, Brian, and Lilith (plus this month’s hat-tip to Saturn) are truly singular occasions.

The spirit of the full moon is capricious, intense and passionate, yet still distant, aloof and cold. Luna herself governs glamours, bewitchments and dream-work, innocent wonder, transient pleasure and delight, the Moment, impulse, mystery and veils. The Blue Moon is one of her rarest manifestations, and this scent is formulated to encapsulate her most complex and profound nature:Mugwort and bay, for psychic sensitivity…
Juniper, for divination through dreams…
Orchid and galbanum, for complexity, wisdom and noscere…

… with a potent lunar-charged blend of exquisite Asian woods, moonflower, Madagascan ylang ylang, Florentine iris, wild juniper, starry bergamot, elemi, green tea absolute, palmarosa, cucumber, Clary sage, lettuce leaf, melilot trefoils, wood aloes, and pale creeping buttercup

Brian’s interpretation.

A whisper under the moonlight: blue musk, and indigo amber, myrrh, moonlit oudh, opopnax, terebinth, and tobacco leaf.

Lilith’s interpretation.

From the Littlest Perfumer: “It’s a happy moon. It is beautiful, shiny and it makes me think of magical blueberries. It makes wishes come true, and puts a smile on your face.”

Vanilla blueberry bubblegum.

++ A Little Lunacy: Moons of Saturn

Winters unmeasured | ere earth was made
Was the birth of Bergelmir;
Thruthgelmir’s son | was the giant strong,
And Aurgelmir’s grandson of old.

The father of a new era of Frost Giants, survivor of the deluge of blood that erupted from Ymir’s mutilations. Winters unmeasured: blue spruce blanketed in sleet, cypress smoke, yew berry, and frozen, brittle stems of lavender