Carved Wooden Holiday Village 2023

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Lift the box down from its shelf, gently unwrap the tissue paper, arrange everything just so. You now preside godlike over your very own simulacrum of holiday cheer!

What fate awaits the fictitious revelers in your care? Can they feel the warmth of your kindly attention, the indolent chill of your disdain? Have they any respect for the precarious nature of their reality, the lowliness and relative simplicity of their station in the extended microcosm? Or will they alleviate their existential crisis by gazing further inward, laying out a smaller carved village of their own, accessing elusive forms of coziness on a miniature scale?

No judgment, we get it. Tiny shit is so cute!

  • Carved Wooden Alchemical Laboratory Perfume Oil

    The Lab isn’t open to the public, but you can smell it from the street: hundreds of tiny wooden bottles of Snake Oil, marked with wee paper labels and packed off in tiny cardboard boxes.

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    Carved Wooden Bakery Perfume Oil

    Be sure to visit early in the morning to watch as scores of flaky chocolate-filled croissant are rolled out on a walnut countertop with a maplewood rolling pin.

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    Carved Wooden Barber Shop Perfume Oil

    Many an hour has been whiled away in this gentlemanly retreat: skin-warmed steel, fresh cedar shavings, a creamy fougere lather, a soothing splash of orange blossom water, and the distant memory of blood and bandages.

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    Carved Wooden Bawdy House Perfume Oil

    Let your fingers wander along this ornately carved teak banister, polished to a high gloss by the rough hands of countless miniature clients being led upstairs to taste trickles of sugar maple sap, illuminated by a cherry-red light and suffused with decadent, lustrous perfumes.

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    Carved Wooden Post Office Perfume Oil

    We owe everything to the USPS! And we certainly wouldn’t mind waiting in line surrounded by this ink-smudged, papery shuffle of letters, parcels, and holiday cards stuffed into a mahogany mailbox cabinet covered in shiny brass doors with a faint whiff of fruitcake.

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