Burned will be a framed narrative short film that begins in the grey pre-opening hours of a library where two seasoned Librarians inform their newest colleague of the true story behind The Malleus Maleficarum. Their bewitchingly witty narration takes us into the tale-within-the-tale, back to Austria 1485, where a beautiful motion graphic novel expands before us. It will highlight our continued need for media literacy and retake the quill from one of the first trolls, Heinrich Kramer.

Burned is crowdfunding on Seed & Spark now and includes incentives like being drawn in as a cast member in the motion graphic. Director/Writer Paula Rhodes, whose feature directorial debut Delicate State won Audience Choice at Dances With Films and global distribution, has assembled a cast that includes Cissy Jones and Sarah-Nicole Robles from Disney’s Owl House, Julian Richings who was Death on Supernatural, Tara Platt from Fire Emblem, Yuri Lowenthal from Spider-Man, Noshir Dalal from Mortal Kombat, Steve Blum from all the things (a Guinness Book Record holder for most VO, including trips to the Star Wars universe) and Neil Newbon fresh off his award-winning Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3 flush, with more being announced soon.

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  • witches burn back

    Witches Burn Back Perfume Oil

    Ancient, fossilized amber resins, ritual incense, witching herbs, and scorched linen enveloped in a darkly glowing halo of cinders and smoke.

    Proceeds from the sale of this scent are helping to fund Burned! Librarians tell a new colleague of the book that burned so many, using motion graphic animation for the true tale-within-a-tale, in this overdue dark comedic film where the witches get to burn back. A little Princess Bride, a dash of Drunk History, all to reclaim the narrative.

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