Darla Teagarden: Altars

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We are very excited to commemorate the release of our friend Darla Teagarden’s book ALTARS (available now from Skeleton Key Press) with a new series of Limited Edition scents inspired by a selection of artworks contained therein.

Darla makes her portraits (primarily self portraits, unless otherwise stated) by crafting small theatrical vignettes out of wood, paper, chalk, plaster, and projection, creating in-camera effects. These serve abstractly as her means for communication, protection, ritual and a sense of place. Her images are either faceless or in character. She uses symbolic gestures as the narrative communicates common experience and unity.

Each perfume is blended by hand and presented in a 5ml amber apothecary bottle, bearing Darla’s artwork on the label.

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  • Argento Sunrise Perfume Oil

    A poem for the vital and visceral shadow self.


    A pulsating, vibrant blend of king mandarin, lemon peel, and tangerine splashed into a smear of red musk and chianti.

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  • Black Ice Sleeper Perfume Oil

    The conservation of emotional energy and deep magic to survive the most forbidding winters.


    Bittersweet apples encased in ice.

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  • Love Let Her Perfume Oil

    The act of creating Ephemera gives us the ability to stop time.


    Velvet-pink carnations with tea roses, peonies, and rose sandalwood with a whiff of candlesmoke

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  • Prairie Witch Perfume Oil

    For those who move among the dead-hearted creating, caring and inventing.


    Pumpkin rind and wild grasses, bourbon-soaked apples, tonka bean, smoked vetiver, and a mulled brew of star anise, clove, and black peppercorn.

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  • Vigil for the Harvest Suitors Perfume Oil

    Power of the Witch lies in her respect and direct communication with nature. She may choose to give favor to those who can see her wisdom as authentic and beneficial.


    Beeswax, bone, broomcorn, and lilac.

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