Drew Rausch

Drew Rausch

Drew Rausch is a cartoonist and the co creator, along with Jocelyn Gajeway, of the ongoing webcomic MY BLACKS DON’T MATCH! He’s been lucky to work on such comic book properties as Edward Scissorhands, Invader Zim, Rick and Morty, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. Proof of his artistic existence can be found at www.drewrausch.com

He lives in a house that is most assuredly haunted by no less than 2 ghosts with his Bride in Pasadena, CA and their one black cat, Spooky.

Currently there is a tombstone in his hallway.

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    Escape From the Autumn Carnival Perfume Oil

    The scent of a burning Jack o’ Lantern up on a hill. The fog in a spider web coated hall of mirrors. The ghosts have jumped he track and The Halloween Cowboy is all around. Follow him to a special place – an Autumn Carnival. You’ll never want to leave.

    Boot leather, flaming pumpkins, hay bales, and smoke.

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