Doc Constantine Cures What Ails Ye!

Curious catholicons that will correct your most confounding complaints!

Do not be fooled by medical mesmerists! Doc Constantine’s cure-alls are the One True Solution to all life (and undeath’s) ills!

Doc Constantine’s label illustrations were hand-drawn by the inimitable Madame Talbot. Please pay her site a visit to see more of her astounding artwork, fascinating curio exhibitions, and beautiful handmade dolls!

While these blends certainly do soothe the mind and bolster the spirit, they are sold as curios only. They are not to be taken internally, or used in any capacity other than that of a perfume. These are tributes to quack medicines of yore and were created in the spirit of nostalgia. This is all tongue-in-cheek, friends. Please do not consider these serious pharmaceuticals.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

  • Bruised Violet Compound Perfume Oil

    Promotes vigor in undeath and relieves the discomforts and complaints so common to incorporeal spirits! The learned and eminent scholar Alessandro Cagliastro once remarked “Long experience has taught me to prize Doctor Constantine’s Compounds above all others!”

    Crushed violets, red currant, patchouli root and spanish moss.

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  • Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener Perfume Oil

    Valuable in relieving the vapors and in reversing depraved conditions of the system. Doc Constantine’s tonics will make you happy, hale, and hearty.

    Sassafras, vanilla extract, oak leaf, CO2 butter extract and onycha.

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