Imp Pack: Men’s Perfume Oil $36.00

Imp Pack: Men’s Perfume Oil


The Antikythera Mechanism
Teakwood, oak, black vanilla, and tobacco.

The Black Rider
Black leather, oppoponax, tobacco, and black amber.

A creeping, wet, slithering scent, dripping with seaweed, oceanic plants and dark, unfathomable waters.

English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods.

Malevolent, dark and shadowy: sinuous black musk, wet leather and vetiver.

Vicomte de Valmont
I promised her my eternal love, and I actually thought that for a couple of hours.

Rake, scoundrel, demon in a frock coat. Devilishly seductive, ultimately tragic; a villain undone and redeemed by love. Based on an 18th century gentlemen’s cologne: ambergris, white musk, white sandalwood, Spanish Moss, orange blossom, three mints, jasmine, rose geranium and a spike of rosemary.

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Imp’s Ears are 1/32oz samples of oil blends in glass vials.

No imps were harmed in the making of these products.


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